• Gohela Projects is a company that has been established to make positive contribution to our economy by fostering SMME’s objectives, i.e. creating job opportunities for the people from the local communities in which it operates.

  • Contributes in development by creating wealth and improve the well-being of the community by offering quality products.

  • Impose the initiative ploughing the resources back to the community.

  • Forster a vibrant economic atmosphere by being one of the leading organisations in the provision of excellent services.

  • Gohela Projects is 100% owned and managed by indiviuals from historically disadvantage background.

  • The new democracy in South Africa has identified and acknowledged the vital contribution made by small to medium enterprises in the development of this country by building South Africa and making it what it is today.

  • As encouraged by the government i.e. to help the community to empower itself through various projects which it has effectively deployed in the past years. We took the initiative to form Gohela Projects.
  • 100% Product and Service quality

  • Reduction of absenteeism

  • Reduction of wastage / rework and reject costs

  • Increased efficiency and productivity

  • Affordable manufacturing costs


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