• To become a highly resourceful business enterprise that shall serve both the public and the private sector in a variety of needs at local, provincial and national level.
  • We shall be focusing on the market segments and its products
  • To be flexible, measurable, achieve and deliver within the time frame
  • Focus on customer’s needs, relationship and satisfaction
  • To keep abreast of market changes
  • Work to deadline and deliver against them
  • Conduct business in an equitable and non-discriminatory manner
  • Improvement in communication with staff therefore the philosophy of customer and staff satisfaction is viewed as key to future growth.
  • Wholesale and Retail distribution of required products.
  • Safety Gear – Gloves, overalls, fire extinguishers, hardhats, safety signs, reflector safety vest.
  • Construction equipment – Wheelbarrows, digging forks, spades, hose pipes and fitters.

  • Wholesale and Retail distribution of required products.
  • Raw material - Paint, vinyl, varnish, thinners, paintbrushes, glass, plastic containers.
  • Basic necessities - Toilet paper, Detergents (carpet cleaner, toilet cleaner and window cleaner).

  • Wholesale and Retail distribution of required products.
  • Office equipment/Automations, chairs, desk, mats, cupboards.
  • office furniture
  • Printing of all newsletters, business cards and letter.
  • Supply of all types of educational material e.g. Pens, pencils, scissors, glue, books (hard & soft cover), staples, white/black boards.
  • Consumables e.g. cartridges, toners, boxes.
  • Hardware- Computers, Laptops, keyboards, Computer mouse.
  • Other supplies would be milk, tea, coffee, sugar and bottled water to companies.
  • Imported candy (sweets)
  • Cutlery

  • Wholesale and Retail distribution of required products.
  • Security – Electronic cameras, batteries, intercoms, alarm kit.
  • Electrical equipment – Switches, plugs, electrical cabling, lights.
  • Telecoms equipment – Fibre optic cables, Cat5 cables, switches, routers.

  • Building e.g.. Residential homes, Offices, Schools.
  • Kerbing and paving.
  • Shop Fitting.
  • Maintenance for Plumbing Solutions and Electrical Installations.
  • Civil- Roads, Sewer, Pipe lines and Storm water drains.

  • Yard connections
  • Building of bulk meters
  • Installation on meters

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